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Hi Ladies & Gents

I'm Kevin
I'm 32 years old
I have a wife who has 6 children with other failed relationships, we have one son together and I love them dearly
I want to provide them with a stable home and a stable father figure that provides.
I am mentally strong
I have vision
I have integrity 
I come from an I.T background and moved to the automotive sector.
I want to start a business and start working for myself and hopefully expand (Food Trailer)
I've always had one vision when I was small and is was by helping people, in that dream I was feeding people especially the homeless but that doesn't mean that people that has homes aren't struggling to keep food on their table, I pad off loans in the dream, I bough cars and houses in that dream.
I lost that dream due to not taking action on it and ever since Covid I found myself again with that dream.
Hopefully I can make a difference across South Africa 
I'm not one to flash money around or drive flashy cars etc.
I enjoy the farm life on a plot (grow vegetables and a few fruit trees)

The Business:
I finally got a stand after 3 months and is busy with that process (registration)
I had to take a loan to pay for the trailer and registration with a few bibs and bops
I couldn't get a loan big enough to kit the trailer out and wrap it as required by events.
Now the loan money is finished and I still need to buy the meat wrap the trailer, buy a generator to run the fridge get new tires and buy a spare wheel with tyre along with a medical aid kit

My aim with this trailer is to: 
teach others how to start out on their own. (especially my son)
to support my family.
To have a chain of these trailers across the country
To support my church (we give food to the homeless once a month, I would like to make that at least once a week)
Incentivise whoever will be working for me (basic salary + incentives)
use whatever money I will be making to start other ventures and also give back to other charities.

Other Plans:
I would also like to help fund Schools with computers but I will register an NPO for that after the trailer is up and running.

Thank you
God Bless you

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