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Kevin and Devi Erasmus warmly invite you to join them on a heartfelt journey to make a difference. As passionate advocates for change, they are raising funds for a cause that's close to their hearts: the Sports Academy George (SAG). Established 15 years ago in the heart of George, South Africa, SAG has been a shining beacon of hope for countless underprivileged children. By seamlessly blending a profound love for sports with an unwavering commitment to these children, SAG has crafted a unique program that not only trains these young talents but also mentors them, instilling unity and forging deep, lasting bonds.

In 2019, recognizing the pressing need to address the limited educational and employment avenues available to the underprivileged, SAG took a monumental step. They founded the George Royal Academy (GRA), a non-profit private school dedicated to providing full bursaries to deserving students. This initiative ensures that these children receive not just quality education but also essential amenities like food, transport, and clothing. GRA's noble mission is to elevate these students from the confines of overcrowded township classrooms, lighting their path to a brighter, more promising future.

The selection for GRA is a testament to merit, with students chosen based on their outstanding performance in the Academy Cup Primary Schools Tournament. With a special focus on soccer and netball, GRA's teams have showcased their prowess both locally and internationally, even earning the esteemed opportunity to compete in Northern Ireland.

But GRA's vision extends beyond just sports. They are deeply invested in the holistic development of their students. From career coaching that equips students with the skills to make informed future decisions to the One2One discipleship programme that nurtures their spiritual growth, GRA leaves no stone unturned. Their bi-weekly Youth Club evenings are a testament to this, offering a joyful, secure environment for students and staff to connect, share laughs, and create memories.

For those inspired souls looking to leave an indelible mark, GRA has initiated a one-year internship program in South Africa, opening doors to opportunities in sports coaching and office administration.

By supporting Kevin, Devi, SAG, and GRA, you're not just donating; you're championing the dreams of underprivileged children, gifting them unparalleled opportunities in sports, education, and personal growth. Join us in this heartwarming endeavor and be a part of their journey to a brighter tomorrow.


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R 500 000.00

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Julle is awesome en ons love die cause

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