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My son, Kevin, was admitted to hospital for a suspected drug overdose. It turns out he started taking drugs in his first year of University, hence the strange behavior. Now, Kevin is in a one-year rehab program (Mighty Wings Rehab) and is very committed to it. I want to help him get back on his feet!

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Donor Messages

Blessings for a complete recovery and a happy and healthy life once more. May Kevin and Aneta share their close bond again. Stay strong, Kevin!
Caitlin Rose James
You can do it!!!!
Oliver and Krisha
We hope everything with Kevin works out well.
Friend from Singapore
Sending my love to Aneta and son, Kevin. Hope all goes well. Never give up. I am working with youth drug abusers and can understand how tough the battle is.
All the best and stay focused!
You’ve got this!!
Jessie Jayco
I hope you get your son back. Wish you both well
Caitlin Rose James
Kevin and Mom Aneta we pray that this bad will come to a close and Kevin leads a fulfilling life with a great future in society!!
Nicolai .
You got this Kevin.... we are all behind you

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