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Bread Baking Empowerment Campaign

I am a 2024 Top 16 finalist for Miss Bachelorette SA, a pageant that celebrates unmarried matured independent women, and most importantly fights against gender-based violence & femicide. As a finalist, i am actively raising funds towards MBSA foundation that supports abused women & children. 

As one of my activities, i am teaching people how to bake bread-to empower especially women to start their own businesses & stand on their own, 

Baking Bread-Breaking Chains-Please sponsor my bread baking classes to empower the survivors of gender-based violence, start their businesses and support the homes of abused women & children.

 This cause is important to me because, i want to see women free & empowered to stand on their own, & i am here to amplify their cries against GBV & femicide, i want to see women & children free to live, free to have a voice& empowered to stand on their own & be able to provide for themselves.


Funds raised will be used to support the homes of abused women & children, including the Miss Bachelorette Foundation, & to help empower the victims to stand on their own and start afresh.


Fundraising target

R 24 250.00

Donations to date

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