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Rebuilding Our Life And Community Campaign

I am Khatija Balogun, a devoted wife, mother of three, and dedicated community volunteer. 

Introduction: Thank you for taking the time to visit our crowdfunding campaign. We are a family on a mission to rebuild our lives and continue our mission of making a positive impact on our community.

Our Story: For 24 years, I have been employed providing a comfortable life for my family and passionately mentoring and coaching individuals to help them grow and develop. My husband was a "permanent" contractor, and we were managing our household expenses effectively.

However, our lives took an unexpected turn during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was retrenched in August 2021, and my husband was also let go from his "permanent" contractor position. These challenges left us in a difficult financial situation, and we had to make difficult decisions, including selling our home and our car.

Our Commitment to Community: Throughout our lives, we've been committed to giving back to our community. We've initiated numerous projects to support those in need, including renovating an old age home, extending an orphanage, providing essentials to needy children, and teaching coding and computer skills to orphans. Our passion for making a difference is unwavering, and we're proud of what we've achieved.

Current Situation: Despite our best efforts, our financial situation has become precarious. We have outstanding debts, overdue bills, and rent and car payments that are due by the end of October. Our children's school fees need to be settled by the end of November. We have sold our house and my husband's car to meet our commitments, but we need your support to get back on our feet.

Campaign Goals: We are seeking to raise R 250,000 to address our immediate financial needs, including school fees, rent, and car payments. We're not asking for a handout, but an opportunity to rebuild our lives and continue our community projects.

How You Can Help: By contributing to this campaign, you become a part of our journey to financial stability and community impact. In return, we offer you the opportunity to make a real difference:

• Training and Mentoring: We will provide training and mentoring to your staff in computer skills, business etiquette/conduct, coaching, and mentoring to improve performance and output.

• Financial Literacy: We will help your employees achieve financial literacy and make informed financial decisions.

Your Impact: Your contribution will help us regain our financial footing, ensure our children can continue their education, and allow us to continue our community initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Future Plans: We're not seeking indefinite support. By end January, we aim to be back on our feet with stable income. We promise to keep you updated throughout this journey and, once self-sufficient, will graciously end this funding campaign.

Challenges and Backup Plan: Our main challenge is protecting our children from ridicule by their peers due to our financial difficulties. Our backup plan is my application for a permanent job. We're currently awaiting the outcome of my assessments. Your support will provide a safety net until we secure stable income.

Expressing Gratitude: We'd be honored to be the face of the organizations that support us. Your contributions will be recognized and celebrated in multiple forums. We believe in being the change and look forward to making a positive impact together.

Together, we can transform lives of those less fortunate.

Thank you for making a difference.


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R 250 000.00

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