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Kids Love Projects

Kids Love Projects is a developing NPO that helps kids from the Mitchell's Plain and Khayelitsha with school fees, school uniform and stationery in order for the kids to be able to continue with their schooling with the necessary educational resources. Kids Love Project also serves these communities with a soup kitchen to aid and combat hunger and poverty in the areas. We also help the children with extra mural activities to keep them entertained and active in order to exclude and protect them against the negative (under age drugs and alcohol abuse, rape, gangsterism, teen pregnancies....) activities within and around their areas.

We are aiming at getting the children out of their communities on weekends and school holidays and into extra mural activities that are held outside and far away from their community. These extra mural activities will help and stimulate their brains to keep them active while shielding them from all the negative activities that take part in their areas, but also help them focus on their schooling in order to succeed with their lives and help uplift their own people within the community.


Kids Love Projects is mainly looking for funds and help in the following areas:

* Volunteers to please assist with homework and reading with the kids to improve their vocabulary and school work.

* Funding to pay for the school and crèche fees (each child pays about R300 a month in school or crèche) and for their school and crèche uniform and stationery.

* Children's reading and coloring books as we're planning on opening a mini library/safe grounds for the kids to meet and play in a safe environment while learning.

* Funding for the vegetables and electricity used in making the soup for the community and also travel fees for volunteers to be able to go to both of these areas........


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