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The funds raised here will help the children from the Cape Town Cape Flats and Township areas. The support and funds raised will help towards purchasing food supplies for the soup kitchen, purchasing books and school stationery/uniform for the kids and also to pay for their school and monthly crèche fees for the kids. And also towards the mobile library so that the kids may have easy access to books and school work assistance. I will be able to continue with the Soup Kitchen that I already do to assist within the two areas and be able to send the children who roam the streets to crèche (Kindergarten) and school. There are a lot of young children (3 months-8yrs) that stay at home don't go to school and the older ones who drop out of school due to lack of school stationery/uniform, unpaid school fees and no parental/family support towards their education. Most of the children from these areas do not have parents and live with distant family members and at times are neglected by those family members. By not attending crèche or school and lack of personal support at home, these children become everyday victims of crime ( rape, prostitution, gangsterism, abuse, alcoholism....). I want to make sure that each and every child from an early age attends crèche (Kindergarten) and school to prevent them from these negative statistics within their communities and this will ensure that the children have a great future to look forward to after finishing school.  I am dedicated in changing and transforming these children's lives through moral support and education so that they may have a positive future to look forward to. I will be grateful for the funds raised as that will mean that I will be able to decrease and prevent the cycle of crime and poverty within our young children in these areas and in our country too.


Kids Love Projects is mainly looking for funds and help in the following areas:

* Volunteers to please assist on the mobile library with homework and reading with the kids to improve their vocabulary and school work.

* Funding to pay for the school and crèche fees (each child pays about R300 a month in school or crèche) and for their school and crèche uniform and stationery.

* Children's reading and coloring books as we're planning on opened a mini library/safe grounds for the kids to meet and play in a safe environment while learning.

* Funding for the vegetables and electricity used in making the soup for the community and also travel fees for volunteers to be able to go to both of these areas.

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