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Daniel is my 18-year-old son, who has given the last 10 years to training, growing and developing his love for the game of squash. His hard work and dedication have been unwavering and impressive to say the least. Just this last year, I have watched him mature and stretch himself to end ranked 7th in South Africa, win both the WP Youth Squash Open and Closed, captain Rondebosch Boys’ High School to SA Top Schools, finish his matric year playing Men’s 1st league, and attend his first Men’s Jarvis Inter Provincial, all at age 18. In addition, he has now just qualified to tour with SA Schools to Malaysia and Singapore in December. What an incredible way to end his junior squash career. This tour would be the ultimate celebration and reward for all his endurance and commitment.

This tour is important as the results he obtains in the Kuala Lumpur Junior Open (AJSS Platinum Event) and Singapore Junior Open (AJSS Gold Event) are internationally recognized and create opportunities for US coaches to consider his dedication and potential for squash scholarships, which could change the direction of his studies next year. US college squash is highly competitive, and Daniel intends to make his applications stand out. So, together with his impressive matric marks, competing at the highest level of junior squash in Asia this December could be the factor that catches a US college’s attention.

Squash has been amazing for Dan’s developed as a sportsman and as a person. It is an intense individual sport and requires as much mental strength as physical strength. It has taught him many valuable traits and skills like determination, grit and stress management that will help him throughout his life.  

Squash allows you to utilize and develop your personal tactics, technique and fitness, but also provides added benefits of developing sportsmanship and leadership. This includes learning how to have grace in loss and humility in victory. Daniel has gained remarkable sportsmanship while also growing into a natural leader by encouraging the younger players on and off court and leading his provincial and school teams to stellar results this year.

Daniel is hoping to raise R70 000. The costs will cover the tournaments fees, flights, accommodation, kit, manager fees and the transport. Daniel will be contributing half of the flight costs through his coaching.

"Dan has an incredibly gentle yet engaging way of being present and encouraging younger players. This has been true for my son, but I’ve seen it in the way he relates to other players too. They all look up to him... He leads by example - he’s always on time, he prioritizes practice, and there is a quiet steadfastness in him that settles the younger players. He teaches them that respect for the game and for your opponent matters as much as respect for yourself... there’s no pretense, no bravado - just real, genuine care for others and enjoyment of the game...Dan has offered quiet words of encouragement...but most importantly, to never give up and to keep working and progressing every day. He is a remarkable young man and has our family’s backing every step of the way." -J Burns, professor at UCT school of economics, and mom to school team-mate

"Daniel has a calm, confident demeanor on and off the court. He is an excellent ambassador for the game and a great role model and mentor for the younger players. It has been wonderful to see his growth and development as a person and a player over the course of his high school career. His selection to the SA Schools side is a result of his talent together with thousands of hours of hard work, dedication and commitment to a sport which he loves." From J Kerby-Feast, RBPS Teacher/HOD and mom to school team-mate

"I've always said it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. When times get tough, you are either going to rise and fight or back down and give the opportunity for success to someone else. Daniel has a point to prove. Give him an opportunity, and he will show you why he deserves it."- Joffvré Duminy, current squash coach.


Fundraising target

R 70 000.00

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R 10 010.00

Donor Messages

Play hard, have fun and let your hair down! What an awesome way to finish high school. Go, go, go, Dan!
The Burchells
Fantastic opportunity and achievement! Congratulations Dan! Hope it goes well! All the best for it!
The Shepherds
Go gettem Tiger and don't forget us when you are famous !!!
Good Dan - you deserve this
Andrew Day
Good luck
Gibbon family
What a wonderful opportunity! Enjoy!
Valerie Van der walt
Best wishes dan
Good luck and make the most of it. 💪🏻

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