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Good day my name is King Jay Ndukwana  , I am 31 years of age ,I leave in Western Cape at Knysna town  ,  I am a boxing South African proffessional  athlete. I have a record of 6 fights I have been active since the last 5 years in SA boxing showtimes , I am very passionate not just passionate but hungry to be South African champion through to be World Boxing Champion "WBC" and I am confident for it .

The best thing about championship is the opportunities for young people also to participate in sport  stay out of drugs , alcohol and prevent crime stay desciplined and respectful , infact our communities become safe with champions around people, also become easy  to stay out of the streets and live a healthy lifestyle ,as they persue their sport goals and dreams in boxing or any other sport, I am the image of grooming to inspire and motivate young people in sport industry.
I am training everyday, road works jogging and running, indoor training and exercising routines , highly dedicated , ambitious and commited in my sport career .
But the biggest challenges as a future world champion is that I dont have funds to support my boxing career I have no medical aid or private doctor ,I am unemployed since 2019 when I turned proffessional in the sport of boxing  and yet I am not giving up on my dreams although its been tough years of grinding ,and looking for support, and I have a baby daughter 5 years of age, I stay at my aunts shelter which is not maintained no toilet inside the house just have 2 rooms only , it's old and degraded shelter to stay a disciplined class future South African Champ , I stay because I got no where to go or enough funds to fix the house , for that i have to go outside to use private rooms , I Dont have my own place.
In additional challenges is transportation to go train outside town to prepare for my battles and when I am going to battles including accommodation and food diet.
Most important needs is the new fighting outfit, training kit , training equipment for example "gloves ect" to assist in my everyday training , I am seeking support also on above mentioned. 
Training tracksuits , shorts , tight , sweating suit , running shoes, socks t. Shirts , worth = R7200
Fight kit , shorts , boxing boots, gown coaches robe worth and printed = R4800
Training equipment, 2x pairs of 16oz gloves , 2x head guards, 2x groin protectors 2x skipping ropes , 2x mouth guards, 2x standing punching bags , 2x hand wraps , speed ball , 2x 10 pound hammer
Worth of   = R6000
Total worth of R18 000 
I will appreciate no matter how much my supporters brings to the donation to me its gona be a huge  honour and give thanks, all the blessings to you for my dream to come through , thank you for having to read my heart expression and your donation towards our championship god bless YoU.


Fundraising target

R 18 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 300.00

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Sharon donated R 300 via Kingjay Boxing Athletics
07 Sep 2023 R 300
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07 Sep 2023 R 1 000