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At Kingdom Ambassadors Children’s Village, we want to improve the quality of life of orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children. We provide a loving home for them, give them healthy food to eat, good schooling, provide physical healthcare, a healing, and restoration program, spiritual growth opportunities, and moral development.  In addition to this, we want to establish a place of safety for vulnerable women with their children.


Kingdom Ambassadors Children’s Village was founded by two couples, Kosie, and Lize van Zyl and Wiaan and Alta Theron. It is situated on the farm, Hansies River, 20km outside Napier, Overberg, Western Cape, owned by Kosie van Zyl. We took in our first foster mother and children on 20 June 2016. 

The initial home quickly became too small with more children and foster moms filling the rooms, and we had to make alternative plans.  An old shed was converted into a beautiful home and we took in additional foster parents to maintain the 6:1 child/foster parent ratio.?

Since we started with Kingdom Ambassadors Children’s Village 3 years ago, the number of foster children and moms living with us increased rapidly.  This illustrates the chaos existing in our communities and the need for a place like Kingdom Ambassadors Children’s Village.

To accommodate the demand, we took out a loan to buy a property in Bredasdorp.  The property consists of 2 houses, making it possible to help another 12 children.  Today we are taking care of 6 foster mothers and 42 children.  This includes the foster mother’s own children. 

Recently we took in a young mother and her 3 small children.  They come from a background of terrible abuse and neglect.  We were her only hope to escape her circumstances.  This young mother is now able to heal without her children being removed from her.  We can teach her to take proper care of her children and help her to look for work and get back on her feet so that she will be able to become independent again in the future.


Kingdom Ambassadors would love to expand! The reality is that the number of orphaned, abused and vulnerable children are ever-increasing, and we are unable to take in more children due to our need for more housing. How do you turn children away, realizing the heart-breaking consequences of keeping them in an unsafe environment?

With your help, we can accommodate more children by growing the village!


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