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Treatment for autoimmune illness Campaign

Passionate filmmaker, Ryno Nortje, was unexpectedly hit with a rare illness after contracting a viral infection from polluted water in KZN last week. The illness is called Guillian Barre Syndrome, which attacks the body from the feet up. Within 3 days of the symptoms starting, he had lost the ability to do simple things like walk, grip onto things, and move around with any mobility.

He was rushed to hospital and told that if treatment was not started immediately, this illness would paralyse him at best, and kill him at worst. Unfortunately the Medical aid that he is on started giving him trouble as to what they would cover. So he decided to go ahead with treatment from his own pocket, knowing full well that the 5 day process could cost up to R250 000. It was this, or his life.

Should the treatment be successful, he will still need to undergo physical therapy for up to a year in order to regain mobility in his limbs.
Being a filmmaker requires a person to be on their feet constantly, holding equipment, reacting quickly, and being physically capable in all areas, which means the illness has also jeopardised his ability to work in the industry he is so passionate about.

We are hopeful for a full recovery and are so blessed that he made it through, however we understand how much this financial strain may affect him over the next few years.

Anyone who has met or worked with Ryno will agree that he is the kindest, most cheerful and down to earth person you’ll ever meet. He would probably refuse me (his girlfriend) even attempting to ask for financial assistance because he has immense capacity to carry himself and those around him with dignity. However, I am reaching out to anyone who might be able to help him pay for his recovery.

We know the process will be long and challenging, but the assistance of even a small amount toward his process would be incredible helpful.

We are hoping to raise up to R100 000 which will cover half of his in hospital treatment. If you are willing and able, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.


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