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Funding for degree Campaign

Hello everyone.

I’m starting this fundraiser to try pay for my studies. I’m busy with my bachelors degree in computer science (online) and I pay for my studies myself. I currently work part time but it’s barely enough to cover my monthly expenses excluding my school fees. I thought I’d try this fundraiser as I’m running out of options. Anything would honestly be a massive help. 

My university is an international university in Germany. (Much cheaper than South African Universities for the same degree)

The monthly fee is €145.75 excluding the additional fee for cross boarder payments. I rounded it up to a solid €150 (just over R3000)

I still have 2.5 years left but the fund covers 18 months (assuming it doesn’t change)

I need this degree. It’s really important to me that I accomplish this as I would like to work in IT and it’s a really good career to go into. I tried applying to IT related jobs without a degree and no one want to hire someone without a degree. Courses in programming are also super expensive (I did one for a month and a half - Hyperion, Coding Python - but I couldn’t afford the fee of R8900 every month).

If anyone wants more information on the fund or verification of my studies, I’d be happy provide it. [email protected]


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R 55 000.00

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