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Bore hole fundraising for family Campaign

My name is Kyle van rensburg I'm 29 years old and have a family of four we have had no water for the past four months now and have had to collect buckets of water from family's work and community councilors as our neighborhood constantly has no water due to overcrowding of people making students residential homes where a house fit for a family of 3 will contain more than 20 residents, it's really hard working to provide and take care of your kids with no water as without water you can't live using a few buckets hardly makes a difference. Our schedule consists of waking up early to get ready for work leaving at 6am and coming home at 6pm still having to seek out somwhere to find water each year ,where both me and my spouse work just to put a plate of food on the table everyday we are blessed to have a roof over our head but every year we go without water for 7 months or less. There is no garentee you will come home and have water not sure if I will reach my target of raising funds for this cause but with life being so difficult we have no other option cause this is our home and we can't go anywhere else but having a borehole would mean we can always have water and help others who don't have in our community as we know how it's to not have water. We kindly as for you to help with this cause as without water there is no life and no one can live a healthy life out of buckets. Please share this if you know of any one who can help. Thank you and God bless.


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