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Ladles of Love Foundation

Ladles of Love is a volunteer run soup kitchen in Cape Town, serving healthy and tasty meals for people in need. We have 3 kitchens each week that are dedicated to feeding the homeless community – we serve approximately 850 meals per week at these kitchens and the numbers are always growing. In addition to these kitchens we also support other local organisations that help the homeless, like U-Turn, Care Cruisers and Hope Street, by supplying them with soup, sandwiches and other fresh ingredients. Our watchwords are love, respect and dignity.

We meet lots of different characters at our kitchens – some are regulars we get to know and other people just pass through. Whatever their circumstances, however, someone in need of a hot meal is always welcome at a Ladles of Love soup kitchen. We do not pass judgement, we simply offer food to anyone in need of it.

In addition to serving the homeless community, we also operate a feeding scheme for schools - The Munch Club provides healthy lunches and breakfasts to the students in 4 local schools. Our schools program was designed to tackle one issue in particular - the fact that so many children in SA arrive at school each day hungry, with no lunch to sustain them throughout the day. School budgets are strained and often lack the resources to provide healthy lunches. How can a child learn on an empty stomach?

The Munch Club provides nutritious and tasty breakfasts and lunches to those students in need. Our long-term goals for each school we support is to empower. We want to build up school kitchens, train staff and empower the projects to run themselves - creating a stronger, long-lasting unit that really works for schools and communities.

Between our kitchens for the homeless, The Munch Club and our supporting work for other organisations - we prepare and serve over 2000 meals every single week.

We do what we do because we are passionate about people – both the communities that we serve and the people that volunteer and work with us. 

Donor Messages

Ang & Sas
You’re a legend Danny,
With love. awe and gratitude!
Hugrun Halldorsdottir
Thank you Danni for making this world a better place. Be safe. Sending all my love to you over seas from Iceland <3
Thank you for doing the really good work in life Danny! You are an inspiration.
Lyn & Simon
Inspiring initiative! Thank you for all you do.
Happy to support this effort.
Raeesa Ebrahim
Keep up the good work!!
Michelle Pillay
Thank you for your Care and Kindness
Mr X
Merry Xmas

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02 Dec 2018 USD 18
01 Dec 2018 R 111
Hugrun Halldorsdottir donated USD $ 46 to Ladles of Love Foundation via Homeless in Cape Town: The 48hr Challenge
30 Nov 2018 USD 46
30 Nov 2018 R 111
30 Nov 2018 R 514