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Lana Crowster NYU Cause

I'm Lana Crowster and I am raising funds for myself. I've been accepted to New York University to pursue my Master's degree in Music Business. Unfortunately, they do not offer scholarships for foreign students & because of my age, I am ineligible for most external scholarships. I'm am extremely determined to start studying in 2020 and Back A Buddy will be a great way to collect as much funding as possible for this cause.

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Donor Messages

Lanatjie good luck my friend you are amazing
So proud of you girl!!
Dope Saint Jude
I hope this gets you one step closer to all your dreams... come say Hi when you in the States!
Nanda D
See you in NY!
Congratulations! Good luck!
Spes Bona Alumni with Crowsters
Makin it rain
Go Lana go! You’re a brilliant soul and I’m proud to know you. I’m in your corner and stand behind your growth.