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Help me reach EVERYONE Campaign

I'm Lance N Brooks , a local videographer from Retreat in Cape Town. I am a firm believer in spreading great company and great energy, so much so that I took my idea of spreading great energy beyond just my community of Retreat. 

Last year 2022 I embarked on a week long journey accross South Africa(entirely funded by me)where I visited 6 towns ,took video and spend a day in each town with the locals .This I did with the aims of proving that it didn't matter where you go in this beautiful South Africa but as long as you had a great energy it would be memorable no matter who you made the memories with .

The week long journey was a great success as documented great videography work and I also managed to give out a few kiddies books along the way. With your help I can tackle so much more places, meeting so much more people and carrying my torch throughout Southern Africa and even beyond bringing love and light into a dark world . I plan to undertake my next expedition this summer.


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