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Langrug Soup Kitchen Support Cause

The Langrug Soup Kitchen is a community scheme that has been operational for almost 10 years. We are based at Batho's Place in Langrug, Franschhoek, Western Cape.

Every Saturday the Soup Kitchen prepares a meal of chicken, rice and vegetable soup for 300 Children in the informal settlement of Langrug in Franschhoek. 

Through these donations, we can ensure that children do not go to bed hungry. 

To contribute please select the project below and then select the donate option.


Donor Messages

Lynch family
No one should go hungry
Tarrant Family
With love from Australia
with lots of love to my "other" hometown
Tamara Haakman
Blessings of love to you all.
We are stronger together with love.
Nathan Price
With love from Hugh, Harry and Hayden.
Judi Reimers
Love is all around even in Australia
Love from Australia
Nicola Gennaoui
Stay safe and healthy

Activity feed

07 Jun 2020 USD $ 74
07 Jun 2020 USD $ 37
30 May 2020 USD $ 130
26 May 2020 USD $ 21
25 May 2020 USD $ 10