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Northern Transvaal Softball Uniform Campaign

My grandson Keagan, has been chosen to play Softball for the Northern Transvaal Softball Tournament and needs money to buy the uniform / kit before 12 January.

Please help

This happens every year for him, his brother and his sister for kit as al 3 of them play Softball. All 3 of them are really good and I am so proud of them, I just cannot assist them financially.

This will open the door for them to reach their potential in their beloved sport without the stress of worrying where they will get sponsors and financial support. The teams are chosen every year and the costs vary each time, it always depends on where the tournament will take place.

It is difficult to give the banking details of the institution as the costs and institutions differ (clothing / kit, accommodation, travels, etc.).  I will manage the income and expenditure on their behalf.  I will update all sponsors on the account.

Thank you for your kind heartedness
Lara Lourens


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