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Uplifting a Family from Flooding Home Campaign

I have known Kholeka, or Caroline, and her family for over 10 years now. Kholeka, like so many, is originally from the Eastern Cape but moved down to Cape Town many years ago. She is 61 years old now and has a 27 year old daughter, nTomboxolo or Sweetness, and a grandson, Imange, who is 9 years old. She bought their home in Khayelitsha (Site B) in 1989 and it is their safe space. Kholeka has a massive trailing rose creeper on the outside fence that people come to take photos in-front of. I have a cutting from her rose and she takes cuttings from our garden to add to hers. Their home is a place of pride and comfort after long days at work and school. 

Kholeka has had a wonderfully rich life; she has worked in a factory, been a carer for an elderly couple, a domestic worker for "half of Cape Town", and a "pizza-girl". She is a wealth of stories! I am continuously finding out a new job she has done or a new story of some aspect of her life I hadn't known about before. People inevitably love her because of her larger-than-life character, drive and wit. 

Kholeka is kind and welcoming, she loves making friends and never beats around the bush. She can make anyone smile and feel better, she has an absolutely wicked sense of humour and a strength of character that I have never seen in anyone else. People, including us, always joke that she should be president, because she can fix anything. She is a pillar in her community and church. And her positivity in the face of hardship after hardship is inspiring to many. 

Since 1994, Kholeka's house floods through the foundations, numerous times, every winter or during bad rains. When it is 'over 60%' chance of rain I see her anxiety start to rise. It is awful to sit by and watch this happen to her and her family. All sorts of temporary solutions have been attempted like plastic sheeting and newspaper coating the ground, gum boots for the whole family, heaters and blankets to try keep the cold at bay. The flooding is so bad that sometimes they have to move out and their belongings get damaged every time. Imange is often sick from the cold and can't go to school. 

Kholeka has reported it over the years to the local authorities and her ward councillors, but she has been let down on all fronts and she has no choice but to try fix the problem herself. And when she puts her mind to something, you must believe it will be done. 

A builder has quoted Kholeka to raise the foundations of her house to above the "flood" level, while raising the roof at the same time. The cost is a lot for someone with very little, but Kholeka is already saving up to do this - she says "I can't even estimate how long that could take me. Because it is a lot of work and money needed which I don't have. And I'm getting old now everyday. But I will do it for my daughter."

Please help me to help Kholeka and her family rebuild their safe space and beloved home. We are attempting to raise a part of the building costs as a start to assist her with getting going. All money raised will firstly be used to raise the foundations of the house to prevent further flooding. 

Any help would be appreciated and bring Kholeka one step closer to repairing their home. She says she is happy to answer any questions if anyone would like to contact her directly. 

By helping one family at a time, we can make a difference in South Africa. Every little bit helps as we have seen so many times. 


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Donations to date

R 10 358.27

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Emma Dawson
Fran & Don
Emma B
All the best for Caroline xxx
Nicole, Parci and Neve
Good luck Caroline!
Helen and Johann
Caroline we wish you luck with this campaign. You and your family deserve a good dry home!
Sending love, Caroline! X
Wishing you every bit if happiness Caroline! :)

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