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I know this seems like a selfish request but I promise it's not , this is my story in a nutshell..... I'm trying to get divorced but it's taking a long time, we have 3 children and he's not paying maintenance instead he's taking care of his new gf and her kids, my youngest child has seen a therapist because he's 11 and is still on pull ups and her report states sensory processing disorder ( somewhere on the spectrum cannot say where), he needs to see specialists but it's financially drowning us to the point where we are on food parcels and I can't get grants to start a business because I don't meet the requirements and I can't get a loan because I'm a sassa mom and can't work because I need to be here with my son and available for appointments so I am babysitting but it's minimal a week , I want to start making body care products like body butters etc I've found suppliers but I can't come up with the funding. If I can raise the funds that I need then I can start making products and sell at markets and online and I'll be able to take care of my family, cover the costs for my son , maybe even pay school fees and cover the costs of their stationary, buy food maybe that isn't imana and bully beef , please help this mommy out so that we don't have to borrow day to day to survive


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