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Laylas 21st Birthday Campaign

Hello everyone! If you are reading this then I know you are coming to my birthday party and I am really really excited and cant wait to see everyone. We are going to have an absolutely amazing time. I am eternally grateful to be able to have this party and all of you who will be attending in my life. The Reason I have sent out this link is to let you know that if you were planning on buying me a present please know that, that is not necessary whilst I appreciate the thought' and sentiment, I am lucky enough to have everything that I could ever want and the best gift from you would be to come and dance with me at my party.

However something else that would make me really happy is that if you put in any amount of money through here instead of buying me a gift. on the 9th of December I will take out the money from here and donate it.

half of the money will go to a really beautiful lady at my gym, her name is Ule and she is a cleaner at victory park virgin active. she is the sweetest, kindest and optimistic woman I have ever met. her days are extremely long (from 4am till 10pm) and she takes two forms of public transport to get home all whilst earning minimum wage. she also has 2 sons who she does not get to see often and she told me that one is booked in for an operation on the 1st of December. This being her life she still always has a smile on her face, is always laughing and greets everybody. She has taught me gratitude and the beauty of optimism. I would like to give her a Christmas present with this money.

The other half of the donations would go out to feeding people. I am currently unsure of what food I would like to get and to whom exactly. however I can assure you that many people will be fed with the money you have donated.

Please do not feel obligated to donate if you do not have the means or are not in any position to. and if you do, please do not feel pressured to put an extreme amount, every small bit counts and the target amount is just an estimate. I do not want anyone to feel stressed and pressured over this, it is just what I would prefer over a physical present.


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R 4 000.00

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R 100.00

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