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Support the Blouberg Donkeys Campaign

The Donkey Care Workers of  Blouberg (Limpopo) , known as the “Donkey Friends”, look after the donkeys in their villages by providing advice and assistance with parasites, wounds, and other primary health care issues. 


We at VillageHealth ( assisted in the initial training of the donkey care workers and are now appealing, on their behalf, for funds to create a basis for continuing their work.The Donkey Friends have decided to open up a co-operative store, accessible to the villages where they operate - to supply primary animal health care products to their communities and to continue offering  assistance to the donkeys of Blouberg:

The Donkey Friends Health Centre

The Donkey Friends need help in converting an old container to house the The Donkey Friends Health Centre

Funds collected will be used to source, transport and refurbish a donated container.

Donkeys form an integral part of the livelihoods of residents of Blouberg. From transporting children to school and pensioners to paypoints, to helping farmers to plough, and households to collect water and firewood.  

Your help in establishing a basis from which the Donkey Friends of Blouberg can continue to support the donkeys that are crucial to the communities of Blouberg can make a lasting difference.


Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Donations to date

R 13 440.43

Donor Messages

Bob and Cheryl Binda
Our daughter, Kristen Binda, was instrumental in setting this up and it’s a cause that’s very dear to our hearts. We are so glad to see that it is continuing and are delighted to make a contribution. Blessings to you.
I hope you reach your goal soon!
Jane and Bart
from the de Jongs in Australia
Kristen 🫏
Absolutely in awe of everyone and the work involved here - may your hooves never tire and your ears always stay long and strong 🧡
“I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly” - Shrek 2001 💙❤️‍🩹💙
Big Sis
For the People and their Donkeys XX
Chuchu and XuXu

Activity feed

Bob and Cheryl Binda donated US $ 114 via Support the Blouberg Donkeys
20 Feb 2024 US $ 114
Anonymous donated US $ 14 via Support the Blouberg Donkeys
20 Feb 2024 US $ 14
Jane and Bart donated R 300 via Support the Blouberg Donkeys
18 Feb 2024 R 300
Anonymous donated R 100 via Support the Blouberg Donkeys
16 Feb 2024 R 100
Kristen 🫏 donated R 200 via Support the Blouberg Donkeys
12 Feb 2024 R 200