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Adenotonsillectomy TongueTieRelease Campaign

Dear loved ones,

I'm reaching out to share a heartfelt request regarding my four-year-old daughter, Isla. She's been facing speech and health challenges, particularly with her tonsils. After consulting with specialists, we've decided on two crucial procedures on December 12, 2023: Adenotonsillectomy and Tongue-Tie Release.

Isla's journey is just beginning, and as a parent, providing her with the necessary support is my top priority. We're seeking donations to help cover her upcoming procedures and ongoing therapy. Your contribution will make a significant difference in ensuring Isla receives the comprehensive care she needs.

To those who can support Isla, my deepest gratitude. Your generosity embodies the power of community and collective care, bringing hope to Isla's journey.

Thank you for being a part of this meaningful impact.



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We welcome and appreciate all donors who are covering the platform fee, because more of your donations will go to this campaign. Thank you.

Donor Messages

Lizette du Plooy
Please update me on Isla
We going to help you baby girl...
Melissa Barnard-Madera
Sending love and positive vibes for you and your little family 😊
Tanya and Bruce
Having raised a child with learning difficulties we completely understand your journey. It's not an easy one, and there are bumps and pot holes on the way, but at the end of this road is a bright shining light and a space filled with joy and relief.

Activity feed

Lizette du Plooy donated R 500 via Help Isla Find Her Voice
09 Jan 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated US $ 12 via Help Isla Find Her Voice
08 Dec 2023 US $ 12
Melissa Barnard-Madera donated US $ 32 via Help Isla Find Her Voice
07 Dec 2023 US $ 32
Anonymous donated US $ 54 via Help Isla Find Her Voice
07 Dec 2023 US $ 54
Tanya and Bruce donated US $ 57 via Help Isla Find Her Voice
07 Dec 2023 US $ 57