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Graduation Dress 67457 Campaign

i actually don’t know what to say for this, so here goes nothing:

the Bello Dress by UK designer Rebecca Tembo has been on mind and in my heart since the day i first laid my eyes on it, i knew i had to get my hands on it.
but for what its purpose, i don’t even go out because i’ve got such a hectic life and no money because i’m a student. then it dawned on me: get it for graduation.

now graduation isn’t that big of a deal for many people, and if my journey obtaining this degree was easy, i probably also wouldn’t be making that big of a deal about my outfit.
instead, the journey was hard, gruelling and it came close to ending countless times (i almost dropped out, not end my life just by the way).
i knew then that this dress would serve as a reward for seeing this through, for reaching the end.
which is why i am here, asking for help getting the dress that i could never afford and neither my parents.

people have asked me questions like “why not just look for something you can afford?” or “why not just get it made than coughing up so much money?”

my reasons are plenty but off the top of my head, here are a few:
  1. honestly, i don’t want anything else. something else is really my last resort.
  2. having a history in fashion design myself, i respect and admire Rebecca’s work and do not wish to copy it as that would be a disservice to her brand.
  3. in Rebecca (and Hanifa, Andrea Iyamah and the likes) i see talent, the type of talent that feels like we are watching a black fashion house being born. these brands are the new/next LV’s and Chanel’s and i would love to become a part of that legacy with my little purchase, a purchase in support of a brand owned by a black woman.
and those are my little contributions to society

here comes the maths/money part.
the dress costs 279£ which when converted to ZAR is R 6 738.50, add shipping at 25£ (R 603.81) is a total of R7 342.31.
i am aware that i ask for R7 500 but this is only for the purposes of accommodating any economical or exchange rate fluctuations.

i would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you could open your hearts to help me feel special on graduation day. no amount is too small, every cent counts.

thank you

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R 7 500.00

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R 530.00

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I’m so proud of you! I really hope you achieve this and get your dream dress, all my love❤️

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