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Hi All , 
My name is Lee and I have four beautiful children,  I am married to a very hard working man. Unfortunately in May my husband was retrenched and has still not been able to find work after sending hundreds of cv's. He has applied for UIF but has not yet received a cent. We have hit rock bottom as a family. My car is standing at the mechanic for over 3 months as I cannot pay for the repairs. My main concern at the moment is food/groceries for my family and our chronic medication for my husband and myself for high blood pressure and diabetes. This is very embarrassing and humiliating for me to type this, but I have no other choice. I do get a child grant of R500 each for my twins, but Its just not enough for the family. Food vouchers or any amount will truly help. I really don't want to be on the street. I thank you so much for reading this. All my love, Lee xx

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