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BackaPitty Surgery Fund 60714 Campaign

Dear friends and supporters,

As Dent's foster parents, we want to share with you Dent's journey! It all began when we received a notification on a group about a pitbull puppy in dire straits. Dent was a sight to behold—skinny and neglected, left to fend for himself on the side of a road. His journey to recovery started there.

With time and unwavering dedication, Dent started to put on weight. His transformation was amazing, and he blossomed into a healthy and joyful dog. Yet, despite his amazing recovery, Dent's journey to find a loving and forever home has been fraught with challenges. Potential adopters overlooked him, perhaps because he fit certain stereotypes as a pitbull. But Dent's spirit remained unbroken.

Recently, Dent faced another heart-wrenching ordeal—an unexpected dog fight that left him with severe damage to his right ear. It's a pain and suffering he honestly didn't deserve. Dent's personality is a testament to his indomitable spirit—he's a goofy, well-behaved companion who enjoys life in his unique ways. He explores the world with boundless curiosity, barks and makes endearing noises while dreaming, and his playful antics will warm your heart. Dent is truly an angel in every sense of the word.

Now, we find ourselves at a critical juncture in Dent's journey. As a result, Dent now struggles to hear and faces persistent ear infections that cause him considerable discomfort. He needs surgery to repair the damage to his ear to alleviate the discomfort and pain he's enduring, improve his hearing, and prevent further ear infections. We know that with your help, we can make this possible. Your generous contributions will not only heal Dent's physical wounds but also offer him the chance for a better tomorrow—a tomorrow filled with love, comfort, and happiness.

Please, help us raise the funds needed for Dent's surgery. Let's come together and be the voice that Dent so desperately needs. Your support will make all the difference in ensuring that this incredible and resilient dog finally gets the second chance he wholeheartedly deserves.

The donations made will be directly to the veterinarian hospital. The funds raised will be primarily used to cover the cost of Dent's ear surgery and post-operative care, including medications and follow-up vet visits. Additionally, the funds will help settle Dent's current medical bills, ensuring he receives the necessary treatments without delay. Transparency is important to us, and we will provide updates on how the funds are utilized throughout Dent's recovery journey.

Thank you for being a part of Dent's journey and for helping us give him the hope and healing he so rightfully deserves.


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