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When Melani Breedt was just 6 years old, she was involved in a life-altering motor vehicle accident that resulted in a broken neck and paralysis. At the time, some 38 years ago, medical professionals delivered a grim prognosis, stating that she would never walk again.

However, through her unwavering determination and with the grace of the Lord, Melani defied those odds. She gradually regained mobility in her limbs and, with the assistance of aids like a wheelchair and a walking frame, she learned to walk again, although she retained limited use of her left side and was classified as a semi-quadriplegic.

Today, Melani has the remarkable ability to walk, albeit in a challenging manner. As time passes, her journey becomes increasingly difficult due to painful spasms resulting from her injured spinal cord. These spasms significantly hinder her daily life, causing pain and struggle.

After enduring 38 years of living with these impairments and seeking help from various health practitioners, both traditional and medical, Melani was finally referred to a doctor who was willing to assist. On July 25, 2023, Dr. PT Slabbert performed an Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with anterior cervical plating of the C4/5 vertebrae. During this procedure, Dr. PT Slabbert conducted a test by injecting Baclofen into the spinal cord. This test yielded positive results, reducing the spasms that have hindered Melani's mobility and caused her daily pain.

Dr. PT Slabbert believes that by implanting a Baclofen pump into Melani's spinal cord, they can alleviate the spasms and significantly improve her mobility and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, her medical aid declined to authorize this procedure, and Melani has faced substantial medical costs over the years related to her disability.

Now, we are reaching out to seek support from the community through BackaBuddy to help Melani raise the funds needed for the Baclofen pump implantation procedure and the associated medical expenses. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, will make an immense difference in her life, bringing her closer to a day when she can function and walk with reduced pain and spasms. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and will help Melani achieve a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

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n Druppel in die emmer, maar baie druppels maak die emmer vol. Sterkte Melanie🌹🙏🌹
God is a God of miracles..! Your El Roi my dearest friend! Keep the faith! He loves you Melaans!

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Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Melani Breedt Medical Cause
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