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Sponsorship for school Campaign

I am reaching out to you to ask for your generous support in helping me achieve my long life dream of becoming a chef through attending culinary school.

I grew up in a small township in the Northern West province with a single mom. My father passed away, leaving my mom as the sole breadwinner in our family. My mom works incredibly hard to provide for our family but unfortunately, her income is just enough to sustain us and our basic needs.

This means that there is simply not enough money left over to pay for my tuition fees.
I have reached out to some family members for help but unfortunately, they are also struggling to make ends meet and cannot provide the financial assistance that I need.

Since I was a child, cooking has always been my passion. As I grew up, I realized culinary arts was not just a hobby for me but something I wanted to pursue professionally.

Attending a culinary school requires a significant financial investment that I'm unable to afford without the help of generous people like you. I am applying for grants, scholarships and financial aid, however there's still a gap to be covered. Any donation to help me achieve my dream will be greatly appreciated. 

Attending culinary school will provide me with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue my career goals and aspirations. I am confident that with the right training, I will become a successful Chef and make a meaningful contribution to the culinary industry. 

Your donation will make a real difference in my life, not just as a financial aid but also as a sign of belief in me. Thank you for considering my request. I truly appreciate your generosity and support.


Fundraising target

R 190 000.00

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