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Lesedi IMTA Fundraising Campaign

Dear Supporters, 
The fact that you are even here reading this means the world to me, so I will begin with a thank you. 
My name is Lesedi Sedibe, and I am writing to you with great excitement and a humble request for your support. I have recently received an exclusive invitation to participate in the IMTA 2024 (International Modeling and Talent Association) in New York City, which is scheduled to take place in July 2024. This extraordinary opportunity follows my performance at Africa's largest talent convention, The International ARTS Talent Showcase, held from the 5th to 7th of October 2023.

At The International ARTS Talent Showcase, I had the privilege of showcasing my talents in front of 12 international agents, who critically evaluated my international marketability and recognized my exceptional talent. As a result of their evaluation, I received a coveted callback to participate in IMTA 2024.

I am currently 18 years old and have just completed my final year of high school, but my journey as a performer started when I was 7 years old. I have been working very hard since then to polish my craft, and the callback I received to New York next year is proof of that.  To seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I am required to raise a total of $5,145.00. This amount covers various essential aspects of my journey to IMTA 2024, including:

·       IMTA Registration

·       Two Bootcamps to prepare and train for IMTA 2024

·       Accommodation in New York City

·       City Bus Tour in New York City

·       Professional Photoshoots in both Johannesburg and New York City

·       Marketing materials for my presence in New York City

·       Participation in two competitions at IMTA 2024

I am committed to working tirelessly to meet this financial goal and ensure that I make the most of this opportunity. However, there are additional expenses that are not covered by the $5,145, which include:

·       US Visa

·       Flights

·       Transfers

·       Meals

·       Participation in six additional competitions

Your help will be instrumental in covering the costs outlined above and ensuring that I am well-prepared and equipped for this exceptional experience. Your generous support would not only be a financial investment but also a vote of confidence in my potential as a performer and my ability to represent our community and country on an international scale. I am immensely grateful for any support you can provide.

Lesedi Sedibe 


Fundraising target

R 180 000.00

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