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Help my Family 60520 Campaign Logo

Help my Family 60520 Campaign

Hi All.

I am asking for donations for my family to back on track with our finances. 

We have two kids aged 8 and 9.

We are behind on our rent and can barely buy food. 
We owe so many people that we just cannot survive anymore. 

This is because of trying to make a better life for ourselves. 

Our family does not want to help us and we have sold everything we had to pay the people we owe. 

We still have debt to pay and we cannot survive and pay. 

We ask for donations to help us get out of the debt we owe. So that we can live again and be happy. 

Many times we sleep without food and will be on the streets within a month. 

We just want to get our lives back on track. 

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R 50 000.00

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