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Helping Thomas to help his community Campaign

I am a retired medical professional trying to fulfil the dreams of a young ‘Would Be Entrepreneur’ who lives in a severely impoverished rural area  of South Africa - Allemansdrift B in Mpumalanga. This young man has been a Minibus Taxi driver for the last six years working for a third party. It is his dream to own a taxi but not purely for profit. He wants to also be able to help transport children to school daily, the ones who have no money to pay for the trip and who as a result are walking several kilometers to and from school in order to get an education. He also wants to help disabled residents needing to collect their SASSA grants by offering a cost effective means of collecting their monies each month and doing their grocery shopping trips thereafter. 

His goal  is to find the funding with which to purchase his operators license  and his taxi association permit a cumulative total of ZAR 35,000. 

If he is able to source this funding his local taxi association in Vaal Bank will provide him with a letter of good standing and the references needed to obtain finance / purchase a 17 x seater minibus taxi which he will then use not only for his own benefit in developing a business but also for the betterment of the aforementioned individuals in his community. 

I have known this young man for six years during which time he has helped to deliver medicines, food parcels, wheelchairs and more throughout the community in his own time and without expecting payment in return.  He has a solid client base who will support him in this venture if he can just find this initial funding. Please can you help ?


Fundraising target

R 35 000.00

Donations to date

R 6 148.85

Donor Messages

Thank you Thomas for all you have done in your community so far. I truly believe that your dream to be able to serve your community better and earn a good living will be achieved.
Fantastic to see members of the community finding ways to develop their skills and give back. I know Thomas has done so much already in giving back to this community. I hope he can realise his dreams
Never stop dreaming Thomas, your dream will come true because you are such a kind and generous person.

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Kate donated US $ 29 via Helping Thomas to help his community
30 Oct 2023 US $ 29
Charmaine donated US $ 287 via Helping Thomas to help his community
28 Oct 2023 US $ 287
Mandy donated US $ 57 via Helping Thomas to help his community
27 Oct 2023 US $ 57