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Calling on all motorcyclists to contribute the equivalent of JUST ONE TANK of gas for your motorcycle, to offset income losses whilst Rika De Bruyn represents South Africa in Mexico at the Masters World Team Championships for slightly older hitters of tennis balls.

My gravel track crossed that of Rika in 2012, at the inaugural LDBA (Lowveld Dual Bike Adventure).  From get-go, there were similarities.  Both female adventure riders - Rieks being a machine on any motorcycle she straddles.  Me on the other hand, currently getting my fix on a classic, offroad 2-stroke vespa.  Both entrepreneurs and business owners.  Both having lost a loved one in domestic armed robberies - Rika her brother and I, my husband. 

Not only can she hold her own on a motorcycle in some of the toughest terrains but she can also swing a tennis racquet with aplomb.  She has not only qualified through participation of events on the domestic and national circuit but her talent and ranking has culminated in an invitation to represent South Africa at the Masters World Team Championships in Mexico, end April beginning May 2024. 

As an entrepreneur and business owner, whilst she is repesenting South Africa abroad, her income comes to a grinding halt.  In the spirit of incredible South African sporting achievements of late, just one point or in this instance, JUST ONE TANK (or the equivalent value thereof) shall greatly offset the loss of income whilst Rika is representing her country.

I shall get the ball rolling with the equivalent contribution of one tank of gas (5 litres), to pay homage to the friends I have made in the local motorcycling fraternity, which all started with Rieks, at a time when my entire world had collapsed.  In the decade plus since, individuals from this community have become my family.


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