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Doctors for Life Project Care (NPC)

Project Care is an initiative started in 2001 by Doctors for Life (NPC). The project cares for black underprivileged children in very rural areas of KZN and a few other places like Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

Our project cares for 156 children who were mostly orphaned because of the HIV/Aids epidemic. Two of our eight centers is a permanent home for our children while the others only feed them. Our goal is to establish more homes for children within their community.

We have the communities asking us for help with heart breaking stories of how children were left behind because their parents that passed on. One story that particularly gripped us is the story of Andile, a boy that would eat at the homes of his friends (if invited) and sleep under a wheel barrow until the community realized he was without parents.

Our goal is to serve the most vulnerable among us and give them a chance to live and grow. We encourage the community to get involved in the cause in whatever way they can.

We take no funds for ourselves as we have volunteers that want to be part of the project.



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