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Lifeline Energy

The multi-award winning Lifeline Energy provides access to information via radio and MP3 to those who need it most.  We’re a mission-driven non-profit that designs, manufactures and distributes solar-powered and wind-up MP3 players and radios for classrooms,  community listening and disaster response.  Our work takes us across Africa and around the world for emergency relief.

No one does what we do.  Our technology goes where others can't or don't. 

Since our founding in 1999, more than 650,000 power-independent radios and media players have been distributed reaching at least 20 million listeners - who would otherwise not have had listening access.  Each unit benefits an average of 40 listeners. However, given the huge class sizes in many African countries, that number could twice as high. For our portable Polaris radio-lights used in emergencies, the number of listeners is between 10-15.

Lifeline Energy is both a South African Section 18A and 21 public benefit organisation and in the USA is a 501 (c) (3) charitable entity.


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