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Baby CiaraGracie Is Being Born Campaign

Sooo. I've been waiting for the "right time" and actually I wasn't ever gonna share this just quietly have a child... But here ya go... Round about 20weeks. ❤️I'm sharing because I'm asking for anything at all that you can donate to us, I'm a single mom, this is my first, miracle baby at 40yrs old, I never expected to carry to term. As I have endometriosis and other genetic abnormalities. I have elderly parents and I work for myself from their granny flat but can't really even afford to contribute around the house... I'm also just through a near miscarriage and am pretty alone without support.  I'm going to looking at a crowd funding option for donations and asking here for anything financial or practical you can spare for me and baby Ciara-Gracie who is due on my birthday 27th June this year... I'm petrified as I have nothing and nobody but I also know God will provide. I need everything from baby clothes to a crib to a new place to stay eventually that's more appropriate and accommodates a baby as well as all I will need for a newborn, from nappies, to wet wipes, lotion, a bath, everything! Bless and thank you for helping me give my daughter a start in life that's decent and respectable, even just livable. 


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