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In 2018 we moved to Deben in the Northern cape, one of the1st things we noticed was how
thin the roaming horses & donkeys were. After working awhile with the town rescue 
organisation at that time, we realised we held different values and had different goals. We 
parted ways and registered Kalahari Heart.
December 2018 many animals were pts due to the circumstances (emaciation, abuse) 
I started a whatsapp group asking the community for their unwanted items. I held daily 
auctions to get in funds so that we could buy feed and necessary medicines.
We met amazing people on the group and set up feeding/watering posts. (We asked that 
these posts were only located in the upper areas away from main street, helping to draw 
the equines away from the main str instead of going to the municipal area where a drinking 
crib is situated)
Kalahari Heart bought drought pellets and lucerne bales and distributed these weekly to 
these points.
The group began feeding the roaming animals and would call us if they noticed something 
Team members who were available would go out and see if it was something we could help 
with and word spread.
The community started approaching us when smaller animals needed help or they needed 
help to get to the vet, we started buying emergency care medications and learning more 
about natural remedies.
We have since 2019 done a number of outreaches to Dibeng and have handed out 
numerous donated dogfoods and horse feed.
We also act as the town pound when necessary and take in injured animals.
When people realised, we were willing to help any animal we got chickens, rabbits, sheep 
and a number of horses and donkeys have stayed over to be treated.
Many have been adopted while others were healed and returned, depending on 
When necessary we take animals to the vet (our vet ,we at times have to get a vet out 
especially for the equines and Dr Gerard vd Westhuizen or the state vet from Kuruman will 
come out. These fees are quite steep and we ask for donations to pay the accounts if we do 
not have the funds available.
Kalahari Heart buys dip, de-wormers, emergency care medicines (mostly natural products) 
and feed/food for those who need help. We also create an environment for the local 
community to feel welcome to come to us with any injured animal or animal in distress. We 
work closely with the Deben police who have on numerous occasions called us out for 
stabbings on horses as well as donkeys being thrown with scalding water and even acid.

Even a R10 donation can make a difference, or feed, medical and equipment for the horses and donkeys can make a difference.

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page @kalahari heart

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