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I'm Lisa, and on Heritage Day this year, our lives were turned upside down when my son was diagnosed as an insulin-dependent diabetic. Trey, an autistic adult born prematurely, faces the challenges of managing diabetes, requiring meticulous insulin adjustments and continuous glucose monitoring. With our household income halved due to my job loss, the financial strain is immense. Trey needs a continuous glucose monitor at 4850 per month, endocrinologist appointments at 2850 each, and additional medical costs. Your support can help him regain some normalcy and improve his quality of life.

Thank you for considering, Lisa

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Stay strong and keep praying. Blessings!
All looking out for you Trey.
Good luck Lisa and Trey. Here for you anytime. Going to post the 💩 out if this message. Love you guys. ❤️
Lisa, we were childhood friends and your fight for Trey has touched my heart. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your babe, the fight is real, u have so much love and resilience.I am sending u a virtual hug and hope Trey gets the support he needs x

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