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Dog attack double blow for Nikita Campaign

Through this fundraising site I was able to raise just enough funds for Big Fluff Nikita’s knee operation in August..A month post op,Nikita and I were attacked by two dogs on the beach whilst going to her favourite spot to sniff and sit by the sea.She has and continues to suffer from her wounds and the associated trauma.

The responsible party has indicted that they will not be liable for the remaining balance of her vet bill.The harsh reality of this is that neither dogs were leashed or vaccinated.The double blow has affected her and I physically, mentally and spiritually.Her more so, and she continues to suffer from her injuries.

Please help us get over the last hurdle of paying off her last vet bill to our local vet.I trust that this incident is a wake up call for all dog owners and in the future they will act more responsibly.We can only educate owners going forward and hopefully change their nonchalant attitude toward walking their dogs on the beach.

She is all I have so this hurts me deeply.She is also the friendliest pooch and did not deserve this.She also could not fight back after her operation, so I fought for her as hard as I could.

Your prayers,support and assistance thus far is appreciated during such an unlucky,traumatic and stressful event. Help us end 2023 off on a healthy and positive note,so we can continue afresh and renewed in the new year. x

If Nikita could talk she would thank each of you personally but just know she sends lots of licks and a howl of thanks.


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