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Lisa Koopman Legal Cause

I am raising funds for myself, Lisa Faith Koopman (26), to pay for a legal team against a corrupt multi-million/ billion-dollar company in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am letting my voice speak for the weak and vulnerable. Let my voice speak for those who could not do what I did... walkout!

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We grow up with this shit - sad that you are in this but I hope something good comes out of it.

Darren Davids
Everything of the best during this fight
Glad you are standing up for yourself.
Paul R
Corporate bullying is a culture that's been growing exponentially in SA & needs to be exposed, named & prosecuted. You are not alone ms Koopmans, sending love & light from the Zulu Kingdom xxx
You got this???? keep going
Abusers need to know that when you strike a woman, you strike a damn-hard diamond! Godspeed with your legal battles, Lisa. Know that the moral arc of the Universe always bends toward justice.
Wishing you Courage and Support
I can afford much..but I will give what I can...