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Lismore Winefarm Cause

Devastating Greyton Wildfire destroys Lismore Winefarm, the home, the livelihood of Samantha O'Keefe and her children.  Please help us get Sam back on her feet.

Donor Messages

enjoyed my first bottle of your wine, then read about your troubles. Stick with it you make a great wine.
David Kerney
Only just heard about this. Devastating. If you continue to make - I’ll continue to drink your amazing wine.
Lawrence Watts
Love your wine Samantha, it will be easier and the result will be better second time around !
Aileen Grant
Thinking of you Sam, and the wonderful memories of our adventures so many years ago.
Ben m
You will fight back from this! I’m so sorry for your loss.
John Lee
Just drinking your hauntingly beautiful 2017 reserve syrah and read about this tragedy. I look forward to your great wines rising from the ashes in the years to come.
All the best!
Ian Judd
Small steps with a big heart
Every little drop counts. Our Dec/Jan Challenge was a success, we will do another one soon!! Go Sam!!