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Little Steps Day Care Cause Logo

Little Steps Day Care Cause

Little Steps was founded 6 years ago to bridge the gap in the southern surbubs of Parklands , where most parents could not afford the high surrounding nursery schools fees for their kids.

Seeing each child deserves an early childhood development foundation before they start primary school Little Steps opened its door , offering what most nursery offers at a lower fee.

Due to high cost of living and rent among other expenses we have seen the need to have a permenant place for the school. This will help use lessen expenses if we have a place of our own, hence have a bigger place with room for more kids.

For the love of the kids please help us raise money to buy a house for Little Steps kids.


Donations to date

R 70.00

Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Donor Messages

Education is power to change the world.
I support a strong foundation for children hence i will donate until the reached amount. Let create for our children a bright future.