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Love Lions Alive Sanctuary NPC

Love Lions Alive Sanctuary is a non-profit which exists for the soul purpose of offering a place of refuge to lions in need. We give an improved lifestyle to previously abused lions who have come to live out the rest of their natural lives in safety, dignity and peace in the most beautiful surroundings we can offer them.

We take in lions who have been born into captivity for human entertainment, tourist opportunities or bred for the bullet. Most of them come from way-too-small cages, awful conditions and have been mulnurished resulting in reduced mobility and lives lived in constant pain.

We are raising money for the care for the lions on a daily basis. Our normal running costs plus the building of new enclosures for the rescued lions coming from the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation in the Ukraine.


Donations to date

R 179 990.85

Fundraising target

R 375 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 23 000.00

Donor Messages

Thank You Bless You and the Lions
Susie Button
Andi, I hope that in the future I can help more. Thank you for being you and all you do for the Lions. Xx
Shari Lichtenstein
For the 4 lions, especially for LUKE 2nd Euro 500 Donation via W.A.R.International
Amazing work you do Andi
Thank you for all you do for these amazing creatures
Deborah Pollard
Happy to help a good cause
I love lions and I really appreciate what you do for them. Thank you!
Bruce Wienand
Hi Andi, Love from PPS GROUP UAE

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18 Apr 2020 USD $ 106
23 Mar 2020 USD $ 343