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1) What relationship do you have with the beneficiary? - She is my wife, the love of my life...
2) Why is it important to you that the funds are raised? - My hopes is to help her with her life long dream to own her own business, as she didnt not have it easy growing up, as she had to grow many trials and tribulations, and as result she had to develop pratcical skills in order to survive, and ended up being very good at it. So I would like to help her achieve this dream to put her pratical skills into a business she has been longing for.
3) What will the impact be if you are able to raise the funds needed? - To get her the equipment and tools required for the start-up and her personal financial Independance in-case something ever happens to me.
4) How will funds raised be used? - The funds will be used to start her own business and help her grow as an individual and as business woman with her own Seamstress/Boutique store. And to one day be able to pass it on to our beatifull daughter. Whom is excatly like her mommy.

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R 15 000.00

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