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Lotus River High School

Lotus High School, previously known as Parkwood Secondary School, holds a special and proud place in the history of Grassy Park. Established in the year 1975, it marked a significant milestone as it was the very first high school in the area. At its inception, the school welcomed nearly 1000 students, signifying its immediate popularity and importance within the local community.

The founding of Lotus High School not only addressed the pressing need for education but also became a cornerstone for knowledge and personal development in the Grassy Park area. Over the years, the school has continued to evolve, providing quality education and fostering the growth and potential of countless students who have passed through its halls.

This institution's journey, from its early days as Parkwood Secondary School to its transformation into Lotus High School, is a testament to the enduring commitment to education and community progress. It is a symbol of the enduring impact that educational institutions can have on their surroundings, and it stands as a reminder of the value of investing in the future through knowledge and learning.

Donor Messages

Errol Bryce
I've had the privilege of working alongside Stephen for a number of years at Bergvliet High on the SGB and wholeheartedly support this cause.
Such an incredible initiative!
What a great initiative, we wish you well in sowing the seeds of kindness. It takes a village to raise a child and I sure hope my small contribution would pave a way for a child's futuređź’ť
Please put this money towards students that are deserving and hardworking. Should cover about 7 students (roughly).
Grateful ex-student
As an ex-student I'm glad I can do my little part. I still have fond memories of attending Lotus High. We didn't always have the required equipment, tools and/or books but the teachers were always ready to help. All the best Lotus High.
Wonderful to see all the support
Good luck, keep up the amazing work
Cheryl Miller
It’s a privilege to be able to help. My hope is many do. Let’s make a difference in these children’s lives.

Activity feed

Errol Bryce donated R 720 via The Power of 720: Transforming Lotus High
25 Nov 2023 R 720
Anonymous donated US $ 44 via The Power of 720: Transforming Lotus High
20 Nov 2023 US $ 44
Anonymous donated R 5 000 via The Power of 720: Transforming Lotus High
15 Nov 2023 R 5 000
Grateful ex-student donated US $ 151 via The Power of 720: Transforming Lotus High
15 Nov 2023 US $ 151
Anonymous donated US $ 30 via The Power of 720: Transforming Lotus High
14 Nov 2023 US $ 30