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Lost Souls Animal Rescue KZN is a NPC run by Tracy McLelland Smit and myself, Tania Catalino. We focus on rescuing abused and neglected cats and dogs, rehabilitating and re-homing. Over the last 24 months Lost Souls has rescued over 1300 cats and dogs. Tracy has lost her job due to the type of work she does with rescue and I make a small income training and house sitting dogs around Durban. Lost Souls is depending on the public to help fund this cause.

We wouldn’t have been able to help so many if it wasn’t for the incredible support we have received from the public. Unfortunately it never stops, we get calls everyday to take in abused, mistreated and abandoned dogs and cats. We are not a shelter we purely focus on rescuing. We work through foster homes and Hillcrest Vet. We supply all the food and medical expenses when it comes to our rescues. We have hit our limit on what we can take on due to the astronomical outstanding vet bill needing to be payed. We have had to put the breaks on and take no more new cases until we have payed all our outstanding bills and homed our current rescues. If you are able to donate please consider helping us out. We really want to get back out there and help save as many more lives as possible. The animals need us. We are extremely grateful for everyone who is willing to donate and who has donated in the past. You can check us out on Facebook “Lost Soul Animal Rescue KZN” to see the type of work we do.

To adopt please contact 0717941958.

Thank you in advance

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A small donation for a great local cause. Hope it helps.
Jeannette Davies
For the fur babies ????
Duncan R
Not much but every bit helps
Its my wonderful sister (TARYN) birthday and all she asked for was a donation to a worthy cause:)
Respect x
Mark and Theola Hirst
We decided instead of giving each other Christmas presents this year to give to a charity and as we adopted one of our dogs from Lost Souls who better to give to
Jenni O’Neill
I truly admire the amazing work you ladies are doing - keep it up!!!
Every little helps. Thanks for all you doing for them that can not talk.
Chantal Robertson
It can't be easy doing what you do and the animals and I thank you.

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Jeannette Davies donated USD $ 28 to LOST SOULS ANIMAL RESCUE KZN via Lost Souls
06 May 2019 USD 28
Oli donated USD $ 4 to LOST SOULS ANIMAL RESCUE KZN via Lost Souls
28 Dec 2018 USD 4
Nereda Leary. New Zealand donated USD $ 36 to LOST SOULS ANIMAL RESCUE KZN via
13 Dec 2018 USD 36
Chantal Robertson donated R 206 to LOST SOULS ANIMAL RESCUE KZN via Lost Souls
25 Nov 2018 R 206
Tayla van breemen donated R 514 to LOST SOULS ANIMAL RESCUE KZN via Lost Souls
11 Oct 2018 R 514