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Cancer treatment for Mommy Claudia Campaign

Please help this beautiful soul. My best friends mom and my second mom and granny to my own 2 children. 
She has 3 children and one grandchild by blood but many other people around her who love her dearly. She is the most positive  enthusiastic, passionate person I have ever met. A woman in her 50's with so much love to give and life to live. 

In Late August 2023 she received the news that she has a tumor covering 95% of her breast. She went in for surgery immediately for a mastectomy and is recovering well from the operation. She has now received the news that her blood tests show she has HER2 positive breast cancer which is ggressive and is going to require extensive chemo, targeted radiation and hormone therapy for roughly a year which we know with her attitude and tenacity she will take the journey head on.

All her loved ones are gathering around to do as much as we can for her, to take this extra burden off her and we realize we need additional help especially for the many treatments she will need to pay for. 
She has a small policy that has covered surgery but her medical insurance doesn't cover most of the therapy she needs.  

She is a very proud person and would never even think of asking strangers for help herself but we as her family can't live with ourselves if we don't do absolutely everything to ensure that she gets to watch her children and grandchildren grow up.  The alternative of her not being around is unthinkable to us. 

Any funds raised will go straight to the medical bills for the echo and bone desity testa required for chemo, radiation and Hormone therapy. 

Please help us with anything you are able to donate, no matter how small for this wonderful woman. 


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Donations to date

R 15 212.12

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DD Dodd
You’re in my heart 🌸🌼
Prima, todo mi ánimo y amor para tí.
Homeline construction
All the best , you are in our prayers,
My dear friend, I hope that we get to see each other soon. Love you very much and stay the strong beautiful woman you are

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