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The Lily Reed Foundation Logo

The Lily Reed Foundation

The Lily Reed Foundation was registered in 2017 with the aim of breaking the intergenerational transfer of violence against children. Based in Ocean View, a gang and crime ridden area in the Southern Peninsula of the Western Cape, the NGO offers free child therapy, community workshops and parenting support to the children and residents of this community.

The Foundation was started by Lily Reed, who was the victim of a violent gang rape in 2012. Through her healing process she wrote an introspective book called The Dark Seed describing how she not only survived the ordeal but was able to heal to the point of forgiveness of her attackers. Lily realised that admitting to the world about what had happened was not enough and that real change had to start in the areas where children were learning that violence was a plausible choice.

Lily began a programme in the community reaching out to children in need of trauma counselling and ongoing support. She soon realised that the intergenerational transfer of violence between families had normalised violence, child abuse and neglect in the area.

The Foundation aims to break this cycle of violence and give children the opportunity to make different choices, to educate and inform parents and community members of the power they have to change their circumstances. Most importantly, the Foundation is teaching people how to forgive and move forward to a brighter future.