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The Lung Institute Trust

The UCT Lung Institute provides clinical services and conducts research in the fields of respiratory medicine, tuberculosis, allergy, occupational medicine, and dermatology. Special emphases in research are epidemiology, allergy diagnostics, lung physiology, clinical pharmacology, evaluation of novel treatments and community-based interventions for improving disease management and improving health. In association with various departments of the University, it provides training for students in the health professions and collaborates broadly with training and research institutions elsewhere in South Africa and abroad. The public is served by educational and health promotional activities, and by several unique clinical and community services.


Donations to date

R 4 591.01

Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Donor Messages

eben laubscher
I use your info almost every day and find it accurate
Rosalie Walker

Thank you for this amazing and vital project - hope Joburg is next :)

Deborah Ann Deetlefs
Thanks we really appreciate your input ????????
Go for it!
Max Harding
Pollen Trap Donation
Good luck
I'm a sufferer and beneficiary from pollen, and would like to have more studies done around this.
Henning Rasmuss
Interesting work.
Keep up the good work!