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Bernice 3rd spinal surgery Campaign

I've been friends with Bernice Lass for 47 years. We trained to become Professional Nurses at the Johannesburg General Hospital in 1976. Bernice furthered her studies doing Midwifery and Psychiatry and .She is one of the most dedicated nurses you could find. She ran an Oncology Ward as a Unit Manager for many years and was well loved and respected by patients and her peers. She was promoted to a Matron.

Her story:

Sadly as a young girl, Bernice contracted Transverse Myelitis, an infection of a part of the spine, which left her paralyzed resulting in her needing to learn to walk again.
She did learn to walk again.
This  left her with a bad limp. A challenge for a young woman embarking on a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse and dedicating herself to helping people.

After many years of dedicated nursing the limp became worse and she was boarded by her hospital. This was a devastating blow to her.

Recently it became evident that she would need extensive spinal surgery to help her to maintain mobility.
A scheduled operation of 5 hours became one of 7 hours.
Sadly 2 more surgeries followed due to complications.
Bernice now finds herself unable to walk(again)
Her medical bills have skyrocketed.

I'm  appealing to anyone who is in a position to help us to back my buddy.

She needs our prayers, support and love right now, more than ever.
Help us to give her the caregiver all the care she needs.




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R 50 000.00

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