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Melela 4 Children

Melela4Children (M4C) is a non-profit organisation that aims at addressing the root causes and the plight of many children who are poverty-stricken and affected by abuse. M4C aspires to improving the quality of life for learners from poor urban backgrounds through interventions that improve their education experience. The organisations creates an environment within education where each child is able to reach self-actualization, self-reliance and self- sustainability through social development and educational programmes. Melela4Children offers educational activities in two primary schools (Sobambisana Public Primary and Sakumlandela Primary School) based in Khayelitsha, Site B namely for learners in grade 4 to 6. These learners are tutored by young student volunteers from universities around Cape Town. M4C works with more than 1000 children and this number continues to grow. In addition to helping and working with primary school learners, M4C has found a way to include the learners’ parents who are unemployed to help the organisation prepare balanced meals for the learners (breakfast and lunch). 


Donations to date

R 524.10

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

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