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Help me send her with grace Campaign

I had a very complicated pregnancy with alot of doctors and specialist appointment, unfortunately I am working in the restaurant industry as a cashier where I earn R5500pm with no benefits ,which i use to take care of my mother and four brothers that come after me. I fortunately found a husband which also did not help because we had what they call Rh disease which caused me alot if medical debts that I used to keep the pregnancy lucky my baby was born in march 7 the last year but past in September last year after so many health complications due to our RH disease incompatibility so , when she finally passed I didn't put her on my funeral plan because I used so much of my salary to take care of all the living family members to survive I had to take another loan for her funeral her father refused her existence aswell as her sibling s existence so her father side did not contribute let alone her funeral. As am writing this request is with a heavy heart, a broken spirit and a broken pride that I got to realise I have to ask for help I recently got retrenched from work as the company is not doing well anymore and I have huge debts for both my medical prenatals and after care bills from my passed baby's pregnancy and hospital and funeral arrangements. I only ask for help to pass through this as I am willing to do and general labour for any thing I could get my hands on please help. I am raising this funds for my past baby's medical bills and funeral arrangements and all the extra medical prenatals I needed.


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